Spark ignition of flowing gases I : energies to ignite propane-air mixtures in pressure range of 2 to 4 inches mercury absolute

Swett, Clyde C , Jr
August 04, 1949

Ignition studies of flowing gases were made to obtain information applicable to ignition problems in gas-turbine and ram-jet aircraft propulsion systems operating at altitude conditions.Spark energies required for ignition of a flowing propane-air mixture were determined for pressure of 2 to 4 inches mercury absolute, gas velocities of 5.0 to 54.2 feet per second, fuel-air ratios of 0.0607 to 0.1245, and spark durations of 1.5 to 24,400 microseconds. The results showed that at a pressure of 3 inches mercury absolute the minimum energy required for ignition occurred at fuel-air ratios of 0.08 to 0.095. The energy required for ignition increased almost linearly with increasing gas velocity. Shortening the spark duration from approximately 25,000 to 125 microseconds decreased the amount of energy required for ignition. A spark produced by the discharge of a condenser directly into the spark gap and having a duration of 1.5 microseconds required ignition energies larger than most of the long-duration sparks.

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