Performance of J33 turbojet engine with shaft-power extraction III : turbine performance

Huppert, M C Nettles, J C
June 06, 1949

The performance of the turbine component of a J33 turbojet engine was determined over a range of turbine speeds from 8000 to 11,500 rpm.Turbine-inlet temperature was varied from the minimum required to drive the compressor to a maximum of approximately 2000 degrees R at each of several intermediate turbine speeds. Data are presented that show the horsepower developed by the turbine per pound of gas flow. The relation between turbine-inlet stagnation pressure, turbine-outlet stagnation pressure, and turbine-outlet static pressure was established. The turbine-weight-flow parameter varied from 39.2 to 43.6. The maximum turbine efficiency measured was 0.86 at a pressure ratio of 3.5 and a ratio of blade speed to theoretical nozzle velocity of 0.39. A generalized performance map of the turbine-horsepower parameter plotted against the turbine-speed parameter indicated that the best turbine efficiency is obtained when the turbine power is 10 percent greater than the compressor horsepower. The variation of efficiency with the ratio of blade speed to nozzle velocity indicated that the turbine operates at a speed above that for maximum efficiency when the engine is operated normally with the 19-inch-diameter jet nozzle.

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