Investigation of a systematic group of NACA 1-series cowlings with and without spinners

Nichols, Mark R Keith, Arvid L , Jr

Report presents the results of an investigation conducted in the Langley propeller research tunnel to study cowling-spinner combinations based on the NACA 1-series nose inlets and to obtain systematic design data for one family of approximately ellipsoidal spinners. In the main part of the investigation, 11 of the related spinners were tested in various combinations with 9 NACA open-nose cowlings, which were also tested without spinners. The effects of location and shape of the spinner, shape of the inner surface of the cowling lip, and operation of a propeller having approximately oval shanks were investigated briefly. In addition, a study was conducted to determine the correct procedure for extrapolating design conditions determined from the low-speed test data to the design conditions at the actual flight Mach number.

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