Stability derivatives at supersonic speeds of thin rectangular wings with diagonals ahead of tip Mach lines

Harmon, Sidney M

The investigation includes steady and accelerated vertical and longitudinal motions and steady rolling, yawing, sideslipping, and pitching for Mach numbers and aspect ratios greater than those for which the Mach line from the leading edge of the tip section intersects the trailing edge of the opposite tip section. The stability derivatives are derived with respect to principal body axes and then transformed to a system of stability axes. Theoretical results are obtained, by means of the linearized theory, for the surface-velocity-potential functions, surface-pressure distributions, and stability derivatives for various motions at supersonic speeds of thin flat rectangular wings without dihedral. In the case of yawing, a treatment for the infinitely long wing which takes account of the spanwise variation in the stream Mach number is extended to the finite wing, and a plausible, although not rigorous, solution is obtained for the wing tip effects.

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