Heat-transfer and boundary-layer transition on a heated 20 degree cone at a Mach number of 1.53

Scherrer, Richard Gowen, Forrest R Wimbrow, William R
January 10, 1949

Heat-transfer data from supersonic wind-tunnel tests of a heated 20 degree cone are compared with theoretical results obtained by the method for determining the convective heat transfer in laminar boundary layers in a compressible fluid developed by Hantzche and Wendt and with the method presented in NACA TN No. 1300. The experimental data are also compared with the results obtained by Eber at the Kochel Laboratory in Germany and it is found that Eber's results correspond to those obtained with a turbulent boundary layer on the cone. The results provide a qualitative verification of the effect of heat transfer on laminar boundary-layer stability that has been predicted theoretically by Lees in NACA TN No. 1360.

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