Altitude-Wind-Tunnel investigation of Westinghouse 19B-2, 19B-8, and 19XB-1 Jet-Propulsion Engines IV : analysis of compressor performance

Dietz, Robert O Kuenzig, John K
November 26, 1948

Investigations were conducted in the NACA Cleveland altitude wind tunnel to determine the performance and operational characteristics of the 19B-2, 19B-6, and 19XB-1 Turbojet Engines. One objective of the investigations was to determine the effect of altitude, flight Mach number, and tail-pipe-nozzle area on the performance characteristics of the six-stage and ten-stage axial-flow compressors of the 19B-8 and 19XB-1 engines, respectively. The data were obtained over a range of simulated altitudes and flight Mach numbers. At each simulated flight condition the engine was run over its full operable range of speeds. Performance characteristics of the 19B-8 and 19XB-1 compressors for the range of operation obtainable in the turbojet-engine installation are presented. Compressor characteristics are presented as functions of air flow corrected to sea-level conditions, compressor Mach number, and compressor load coefficient.

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