The inward bulge type buckling of monocoque cylinders IV : experimental investigation of cylinders subjected to pure bending

Hoff, N J (Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn) Boley, Bruno A (Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn) Nardo, S V (Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn)
September 1948

Eighteen 24S-T alclad cylinders of 20-inch diameter, with skin thickness varying between 0.012 inch and 0.025 inch and length varying between 40.5 inches and 64 inches, were tested in pure bending. They were reinforced with either 16 or 28 stringers and either 5 or 6 rings. One of the purposes of the investigation was to establish the critical value above which failure would occur by general instability and below which panel instability would take place. This value was found to be between 20 and 40 for cylinders with 16 stringers and between 16 and 74 for cylinders with 28 stringers.

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