Transonic drag characteristics of a wing-body combination showing the effect of a large wing fillet

Donald C. Cheatham, Max C. Kurbjun
Sep 1948

Results of an investigation by the free-fall method are presented herein for a configuration having a body of revolution of fineness ratio 12 and 45 degrees sweptback wing mounted aft of the maximum diameter of the body. The fillets were designed to provide large increases in the sweep of the leading edge and the line of maximum thickness as the wing root was approached. Comparison of these results with those for the same configuration without fillets shows that the addition of wing fillets increased the total drag of the configuration by about 35 percent at Mach numbers near 1.0 and about 15 percent at Mach numbers near 1.2. Results indicate that the fillets produced no appreciable change in the wing and tail drags but produced a large increase in body drag due to interference.

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