High-speed longitudinal stability and control of the Bell P-39N-1 airplane as calculated from propeller-off tests of a 0.35-scale

Robert C. Robinson and Angelo Perone

This report presents the results of tests of a 0.35-scale model of the Bell P-39N-1 airplane. Included are the longitudinal-stability and -control characteristics of the airplane as indicated by tests of the model equipped with each of two different sets of elevators. The results indicate good longitudinal stability and control throughout the speed range encounterable in flight. The variation of estimated stick force with speed was less when the model was equipped with elevators constructed to the theoretical design dimensions than when equipped with elevators as built to scale from measurements of the corresponding parts of the actual airplane. The predicted stick forces required to produce the normal accelerations attainable in flight are within the limits specified by the Army Air Forces.

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