Tests of submerged duct installation on the Ryan FR-1 airplane in the Ames 40- by 80-foot wind tunnel /y Norman J. Martin

Martin, Norman J.

An investigation of an NACA submerged intake installation on the Ryan FR-1 was conducted to determine the full-scale aerodynamic characteristics of this installation. In addition, tests were conducted on the submerged inlet with revised entrance lips and deflectors to determine the configuration which would result in the best dynamic pressure recovery measured at the inlet for this installation without a major rework of the entrance. Stalling of the air flow over the inner lip surface created excessive dynamic pressure losses with the original entrance. The revised entrance produced a 12-percent increase in dynamic pressure recovery at the design high-speed inlet-velocity ratio and resulted in an improvement of the critical-speed characteristics of the entrance lip. A complete redesign of the entrance including a decrease in ramp angle and adjustment of lip camber is necessary to secure optimum results from this submerged duct installation.

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