Experimental and calculated characteristics of three wings of NACA 64-210 and 65-210 airfoil sections with and without 2 degree washout

Sivells, James C.

Report presents the results of an investigation conducted to determine some of the effects of airfoil section and washout on the experimental and calculated characteristics of 10-percent-thick wings. Three wings of aspect ratio 9 and ratio of root chord to tip chord 2.5 were tested. One wing had NACA 64-210 sections and 2 degree washout, the second had NACA 65-210 sections and 2 degree washout, and the third had NACA 65-210 sections and 0 degree washout. It was found that the experimental characteristics of the wings could be satisfactorily predicted from calculations based upon two-dimensional data when the airfoil contours of the wings conformed to the true airfoil sections with the same high degree of accuracy as the two-dimensional models.

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