Flight measurements of the flying qualities of a Lockheed P-80A airplane (Army no. 44-85099)- longitudinal-stability and -control characteristics

Anderson, Seth B., Christofferson, Frank E., Clousing, Lawrence A.

This report contains the flight-test results of the longitudinal-stability and -control phase of a general flying-qualities investigation of the Lockheed P-80A airplane (Army No. 44-85099). The tests were conducted at indicated airspeeds up to 530 miles per hour (0.76 Mach number) at low altitude and up to 350 miles per hour (0.82 Mach number) at high altitude. These tests showed that the flying qualities of the airplane were in accordance with the requirements of the Army Air Forces Stability and Control Specification except for excessive elevator control forces in maneuvering flight and the inadequacy of the longitudinal trimming control at low airspeeds.

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