Investigation of X24C-2 10-stage axial-flow compressor. : II-Effect of inlet-air pressure and temperature on performance

Finger, Harold B., Schum, Harold J., Buckner, Howard A

An investigation was made to determine the effects of inlet-air pressure and temperature on the performance of the 10-stage axial-flow compressor from the X24C-2 turbojet engine. The investigation was conducted for speeds of 80, 89, and 100 percent of equivalent design speed with inlet-air pressures of 6 and 12 inches of mercury absolute (424 and 849 lb/sq ft) and inlet-air temperatures of approximately 538 degrees, 459 degrees, and 419 degrees R (79 degrees, 0 degrees, and minus 40 degrees F). The results of the investigation of the effect of inlet-air pressure were compared with the results of the previous performance investigation at a nominal inlet-air pressure of 21 inches of mercury absolute (1485 lb/sq ft) and an inlet-air temperature of approximately 538 degrees R to give a larger range of inlet-air pressures.

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