Investigation of sea-level performance of I-16 turbojet engine at zero ram with XFR-1 intake duct shroud, and tail pipe

Dowman, Harry W., Anderson, William G.

The sea-level performance of an I-16 turbojet engine at zero ram was investigated to determine the effects of an intake duct, a shroud, and a tail pipe intended for installation in an XFR-1 airplane. The investigation was conducted over a range of engine speeds from 8000 to 16,500 rpm for several arrangements of the intake duct and tail pipes: the XFR-1 duct, shroud, and tail pipe with the boundary-layer slot closed and open and with boundary-layer removal by suction; the XFR-1 duct with a tail pipe from a P-59A airplane and boundary-layer removal; and with no intake duct or shroud with both the P-59A and the XFR-1 tail pipes. The data were corrected to standard atmospheric conditions and then adjusted to a common exhaust-gas temperature.

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