Effect of various methods of boundary-layer control on performance of V-1710-93 engine-stage supercharger

Kohl, Robert. C., Diggs, Donald. R.

Four methods of boundary-layer control were tried during an investigation to improve the flow in the impeller passages of a V-1710-93 engine-stage supercharger. The boundary layer along the impeller front shroud was removed by suction. In one method the removal was accomplished by recirculation of the air to the impeller inlet; in another method, by external removal. In the other methods, slots were cut through the impeller-blade faces first at 30 percent and then at 30 and 70 percent of the mean-flow-path length measured from leading edges of the rotating inlet guide vanes to introduce air from the high-pressure side of the blades into the region where stagnation and separation were suspected.

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