A thermodynamic study of the turbojet engine

Pinkel, Benjamin Karp, Irvin M

Charts are presented for computing thrust, fuel consumption, and other performance values of a turbojet engine for any given set of operating conditions and component efficiencies. The effects of pressure losses in the inlet duct and the combustion chamber, of variation in physical properties of the gas as it passes through the system, of reheating of the gas due to turbine losses, and of change in mass flow by the addition of fuel are included. The principle performance chart shows the effects of primary variables and correction charts provide the effects of secondary variables and of turbine-loss reheat on the performance of the system. The influence of characteristics of a given compressor and turbine on performance of a turbojet engine containing a matched set of these given components is discussed for cases of an engine with a centrifugal-flow compressor and of an engine with an axial-flow compressor.

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