Hydrostatic tests of an airship model

Aeronautics Staff, Construction Department, Navy Yard, Washington, D. C.
March, 1922

An airship model made by the Goodyear Rubber Company was filled with water and suspended from a beam. The deformations of the envelope were studied under the following conditions: 1) both ballonets empty; 2) forward ballonets filled with air; 3) rear ballonets filled with air; and 4) both ballonets filled with air. Photographs were taken to record the deflections under each of these conditions, and a study was made to determine the minimum head of water necessary to maintain the longitudinal axis of the envelope under these conditions. It was concluded that any pressure sufficient to keep the airship full may be used. It appears that a pressure of one inch of water would provide a suitable factor of safety, and therefore it is the pressure that is recommended.

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