Distribution of wave drag and lift in the vicinity of wing tips at supersonic speeds

John C. Evvard
Jul 1947

The point-source-distribution method of calculating the aerodynamic coefficients of thin wings at supersonic speeds was extended to include the effect of the region between the wing boundary and the foremost Mach wave from the wing leading edge. The effect of this region on the surface velocity potential has been determined by an equivalent function, which is evaluated over a portion of the wing surface. In this manner, the effect of angles of attack and yaw as well as the asymmetry of top and bottom wing surfaces may be calculated. As examples of the method, the pressure distribution on a thin plate wing of rectangular plan form as well as the lift and the drag coefficients as a function of Mach number, angle of attack, and aspect ratio are calculated. The equations for the surface velocity potential of several other plan forms are also included.

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