Altitude-wind-tunnel investigation of performance of several propellers on YP-47M airplane at high blade loadings IV :Curtiss 732-1C2-0 four-blade propeller

Saari, Martin. J., Sorin, Solomon. M.

An altitude-wind-tunnel investigation has been made to determine the performance of a Curtiss 732-1C2-0 four-blade propeller on a YP-47M airplame at high blade loadings and engine powers. Propeller characteristics were obtained for a range of power coefficients from 0.30 to 1.00 at free-stream Mach numbers of 0.40 and 0.50. The results of the force measurements indicate primarily the trend of propeller efficiency for changes in power coefficient or advance-diameter ratio because corrections for the effects of tunnel-wall constriction have not been applied. Slipstream surveys are presented to illustrate the blade thrust load distribution for certain operating conditions.

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