Altitude-wind-tunnel investigation of performance of several propellers on YP-47M airplane at high blade loading. II :Curtiss 838-1C2-18R1 four-blade propeller

Wallner, Lewis. E., Sorin, Solomon. M.

An investigation was conducted in the Cleveland altitude wind tunnel to determine the performance of a Curtiss propeller with four 838-1C2-18R1 blades on a YP-47M airplane at high blade loadings and engine powers. The study was made for a range of power coefficients between 0.30 and 1.00 at free-stream Mach numbers of 0.40 and 0.50. The results of the force measurements indicate primarily the trend of propeller efficiency for changes in power coefficient or advance-diameter ratio, in as much as corrections for the effects of tunnel-wall constriction on the installation have not been applied. Slip-stream pressure surveys across the propeller disk are presented to illustrate blade thrust load distribution for several operating conditions. In general, the thrust loading on the outboard sections increased more rapidly than on the inboard sections as the power coefficient was increased or as the advance-diameter ratio was decreased. For conditions where blade stall or compressibility effects were evident the thrust loading on the tip sections decreased and a portion of the load shifted to the inboard sections

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