Comparative performance with direct and geared engines

W. S. Diehl
October, 1922

Comprehensive tests were made to compare the performance of the F-5-L Boat Seaplane fitted with direct drive and Liberty engines. Details are given on the test conditions. The conclusions of the comparison tests follow. 1) An F-5-L with geared engines takes off in approximately 90 percent of the time required for the same airplane with standard direct drive engines. An F-5-L with geared engines climbs in 20 minutes to an altitude approximately 20 percent greater than that obtained with the standard direct drive on the same airplane. 3) There is a large difference between the climbs of the two airplanes of the same type. This difference will always be more pronounced when the climb is normally slow. In the case of the F-5-L airplanes under construction, it is of the order of a 10 percent difference in altitude on a 20 minute climb. 4) The maximum speed of an F-5-L with geared engines is about 3.5 percent greater than the maximum speed of the same airplane with standard direct drive engines (at the same engine r.p.m.). 5) The fuel consumption is probably less effected by the type of drive than by inherent differences in the performance of different airplanes.

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