Comparison of measured and calculated stresses in built-up beams

Levin, L Ross Nelson, David H
May 1946

Web stresses and flange stresses were measured in three built-up beams: one of constant depth with flanges of constant cross-section, one linearly tapered in depth with flanges of constant cross section, and one linearly tapered in depth with tapered flanges. The measured stresses were compared with the calculated stresses obtained by the methods outlined in order to determine the degree of accuracy that may be expected from the stress analysis formulas. These comparisons indicated that the average measured stresses for all points in the central section of the beams did not exceed the average calculated stresses by more than 5 percent. It also indicated that the difference between average measured flange stresses and average calculated flange stresses on the net area and a fully effective web did not exceed 6.1 percent.

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