Properties of low-aspect-ratio pointed wings at speeds below and above the speed of sound

Jones, Robert T

Low-aspect-ratio wings having pointed plan forms are treated on the assumption that the flow potentials in planes at right angles to the long axis of the airfoils are similar to the corresponding two-dimensional potentials. For the limiting case of small angles of attack and low aspect ratios the theory brings out the following significant properties: (1) The lift of a slender, pointed airfoil moving in the direction of its long axis depends on the increase in width of the sections in a downstream direction. Sections behind the section of maximum width develop no lift. (2) The spanwise loading of such an airfoil is independent of the plan form and approaches the distribution giving a minimum induced drag. (3) The lift distribution of a pointed airfoil travelling point-foremost is relatively unaffected by the compressibility of the air below or above the speed of sound. A best of a triangular airfoil at a Mach number of 1.75 verified the theoretical values of lift and center of pressure.

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