Net heat of combustion of AN-F-28 aviation gasolines

Jessup, R S (National Bureau of Standards) Cragoe, C S (National Bureau of Standards)
May 14, 1945

Experimental data on the heats of combustion and hydrogen contents of a number of aviation gasolines have been used in deriving a formula for computing net heat of combustion from (measured) gross heat of combustion. This formula appears to be sufficiently reliable for the purpose and has the advantage of making hydrogen determinations unnecessary. The data on heats of combustion are presented in tabular form, and in graphs showing the relation between net heat of combustion and (1) hydrogen content, (2) aniline point, (3) APO gravity, and (4) the product of aniline point and APO gravity. Data are given on the change in aniline point with time, and also the change resulting from the addition of xylidine.

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