Nitrited-steel piston rings for engines of high specific power

Collins, John H Bisson, Edmond E Schmiedlin, Ralph F

Stability and control characteristics determined from tests in the Langley 19-foot pressure tunnel of a 0.2375-scale model of the Douglas XA-26 airplane are compared with those measured in flight tests of a Douglas A-26b airplane. Several designs of nitrided-steel piston rings were performance-tested under variable conditions of output. The necessity of good surface finish and conformity of the ring to the bore was indicated in the preliminary tests. Nitrided-steel rings of the same dimensions as cast-iron rings operating on the original piston were unsatisfactory, and the final design was a lighter, rectangular, thin-face-width ring used on a piston having a maximum cross-head area and a revised skirt shape. Results were obtained from single-cylinder and multicylinder engine runs.

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