The inward bulge type buckling of monocoque cylinders I : calculation of the effect upon the buckling stress of a compressive force, a nonlinear direct stress distribution, and a shear force

Hoff, N J (Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, Brooklyn, N.Y) Klein, Bertram (Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, Brooklyn, N.Y)

In the present part I of a series of reports on the inward bulge type buckling of monocoque cylinders the buckling load in combined bending and compression is first derived. Next the reduction in the buckling load because of a nonlinear direct stress distribution is determined. In experiments nonlinearity may result from an inadequate stiffness of the end attachments in actual airplanes from the existence of concentrated loads or cut-outs. The effect of a shearing force upon the critical load is investigated through an analysis of the results of tests carried out at GALCIT with 55 reinforced monocoque cylinders. Finally, a simple criterion of general instability is presented in the form of a buckling inequality which should be helpful to the designer of a monocoque in determining the sizes of the rings required for excluding the possibility of inward bulge type buckling.

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