The influence of the aerodynamic span effect on the magnitude of the torsional-divergence velocity and on the shape of the corresponding deflection mode

Hildebrand, Francis B (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Reissner, Eric (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

A procedure which takes into account the aerodynamic span effect is given for the determination of the torsional-divergence velocities of monoplanes. The explicit solutions obtained in several cases indicate that the aerodynamic span effect may increase the divergence velocities found by means of the section-force theory by as much as 17 to 40 percent. It is found that the magnitude of the effect increases with increasing degree of stiffness taper and decreases with increasing degree of chord taper. By a slight extension of the present method it is possible to analyze the elastic deformations of wings, and the resultant lift distributions, before torsional divergence occurs.

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