Torsion of flanged members with cross sections restrained against warping

Hill, H N (Aluminum Company of America)
March 1943

The longitudinal stresses and the stiffness of flange members - I-beams, channels, and Z-bars - were investigated when these members were subjected to torque with constraint against cross-sectional warping. Measured angles of rotation agreed with corresponding calculated values in which the torsion bending factor of the cross section was involved; the agreement was better for the I-beam and the Z-bar than for the channel. Longitudinal stresses measured at the mid-span were found to agree with the calculated values that involved unit warping as well as the torsion-bending factors: the channel showed the greatest discrepancy between measured and calculated values. When commonly given expressions for rotations and maximum longitudinal stresses in a twisted I-beam were applied to the channel and to the Z-bar, values were obtained that were in reasonably good agreement with values obtained by the method of torsion-bending constant and unit warping.

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