Effect of rivet pitch upon the fatigue strength of single-row riveted joints of 0.025- to 0.025-inch 24S-T alclad

Seliger, Victor (Lockheed Aircraft Corporation)
July 1943

S-N curves at the range ratio of 0.2 were experimentally obtained for each of the following values of rivet pitch P as used in a single-row lap joint of 0.025- to 0.025-inch 24S-T alclad with one-eight AN430 round-head rivets: p=0.5, 0.75, 1.0, 1.5. Families of constant rivet pitch curves, which define the fatigue life for specimens studied, were developed. Curves showing the variation of the effective stress concentration factor in fatigue with rivet pitch and maximum load per rivet were also established.

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