Large-deflection theory for end compression of long rectangular plates rigidly clamped along two edges

Levy, Samuel (National Bureau of Standards) Krupen, Philip (National Bureau of Standards)

The von Karman equations for flat plates are solved beyond the buckling load up to edge strains equal to eight time the buckling strain, for the extreme case of rigid clamping along the edges parallel to the load. Deflections, bending stresses, and membrane stresses are given as a function of end compressive load. The theoretical values of effective width are compared with the values derived for simple support along the edges parallel to the load. The increases in effective width due to rigid clamping drops from about 20 percent near the buckling strain to about 8 percent at an edge strain equal to eight times the buckling strain. Experimental values of effective width in the elastic range reported in NACA Technical Note No. 684 are between the theoretical curves for the extremes of simple support and rigid clamping.

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