A comparison of the results from general tank tests of 1/6- and 1/12-full-size models of the British Singapore IIC flying boat

Truscott, Starr Dawson, John R
August 1942

A 1/6-full-size model of the hull of the British Singapore IIC flying boat was tested in the NACA tank. The results are given in the form of charts and are compared with the results of previous tests made in the NACA tank of a 1/12-full-size model, published in NACA T.N. No. 580, and with the results of tests made in the British R.A.E. tank of another 1/6-full-size model of the same hull. When the data from the tests of the 1/6- and 1/12-full-size models were compared on the basis of Froude's law of comparison, differences were found. This fact supported the belief that the small scale of the model and the use of a model that was too small to suit the equipment of the NACA tank had caused the results of the tests of the 1/12-full-size model to be less reliable than the results of the tests of the 1/6-full-size model. The results of the tests of the two models agreed sufficiently well to show that test of a small model, if made meticulously and with suitable equipment, may give useable results, but that a larger model should be used whenever feasible. The results of the NACA tests of the 1/6-full-size model were found to be in good agreement with the R.A.E. tests of a model of the same size.

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