Bending with large deflection of a clamped rectangular plate with length-width ratio of 1.5 under normal pressure

Levy, Samuel (National Bureau of Standards) Greenman, Samuel (National Bureau of Standards)
April 14, 1942

The Von Karman equations for a thin flat plate with large deflections are solved for the special case of a plate with clamped edges having a ratio of length to width of 1.5 and loaded by uniform normal pressure. Center deflections, membrane stresses, and extreme-fiber bending stresses are given as a function of pressure for center deflections up to twice the thickness of the plate. For small deflections the results coincide with those obtained by Hencky from the linear theory. The maximum stresses and center deflection at high pressures differ less than 3 percent from those derived by Bostnov for an infinitely long plate with clamped edges. This agreement suggests that clamped plates with a length-to-width ratio greater than 1.5 may be reared as infinitely long plates for purposes of design.

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