Mechanism of flutter.a theoretical and experimental investigation of the flutter problem

Theodorsen, Theodore Garrick, I E

The results of the basic flutter theory originally devised in 1934 and published as NACA Technical Report no. 496 are presented in a simpler and more complete form convenient for further studies. The paper attempts to facilitate the judgement of flutter problems by a systematic survey of the theoretical effects of the various parameters. A large number of experiments were conducted on cantilever wings, with and without ailerons, in the NACA high-speed wind tunnel for the purpose of verifying the theory and to study its adaptability to three-dimensional problems. The experiments included studies on wing taper ratios, nacelles, attached floats, and external bracings. The essential effects in the transition to the three-dimensional problem have been established. Of particular interest is the existence of specific flutter modes as distinguished from ordinary vibration modes. It is shown that there exists a remarkable agreement between theoretical and experimental results.

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