Tests of a gust-alleviating flap in the gust tunnel

Donely, Philip Shufflebarger, C C

Tests were made to determine the effectiveness of a long-period dynamically overbalanced flap in reducing airplane accelerations due to atmospheric gusts. For two gust shapes, one gust velocity, one forward velocity, and one wing loading, a series of flights was made with the flap locked and was then repeated with the flap free to operate. The records were evaluated by routine methods. The results indicate that the flap reduced the maximum acceleration increment 39 percent for a severe gust but with a representative gust shape (a sharp-edge gust), the reduction was only 3 percent. The results also indicate that the flap tended to reduce the longitudinal stability of the airplane. Computations made of the effectiveness and the action of the flap were in good agreement with the experimental results.

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