Drag determination of the forward component of a tricycle landing gear

Harmon, Hubert N
December 1940

Wind-tunnel tests were performed to determine the drag of the front-wheel arrangements of several types of tricycle landing gear. One wheel was tested in arrangements to simulate both nonretracted and partially retracted types. The landing gears were tested in conjunction with a fuselage, and the effects of wheel extension and longitudinal location were determined. The drag changed very little with either longitudinal location or wheel extension for the landing gear with the lowest drag; a completely faired landing gear of the wheelspan, single-strut type. The drag of the trouser-type landing gear increased considerably, however, with an increase in the wheel extension. The wheel of the unaired retractable landing gear was at least one-half retracted into the fuselage before the drag became less than that of the best nonretracted landing gear. The drag per unit frontal area of the landing gears of the present tests was about the same as that found for similar landing gears in earlier tests.

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