Flight investigation of control-stick vibration of the YG-1B autogiro

Bailey, F J , Jr
June 1940

As a preliminary step in an investigation of control-stick vibration in direct-control autogiros, the periodic variations in the moments transmitted through the control system of a YG-1B autogiro were recorded in flight. The results of the measurements are presented in the form of coefficients of Fourier series expressing the varying part of the lateral and the longitudinal moments acting between rotor and fuselage at the control trunnions. The most important component of the variation in stick force was found to have frequency of three times the rotor speed and an amplitude that rose from negligible values at tip-speed ratio below 0.20 to +/-5.2 pounds longitudinally and +/-3.2 pounds laterally at tip-speed ratios of 0.35. Variations in stick force at all other frequencies were small in comparison with those at three times the rotor speed.

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