A Simplified Method for the Calculation of Airfoil Pressure Distribution

Allen, H. Julian

A method is presented for the rapid calculation of the pressure distribution over an airfoil section when the normal-force distribution and the pressure distribution and the pressure distribution over the "base profile" (i.e., the profile of the same arifoil were the camber line straight and the resulting airfoil at zero angle of attack) are known. This note is intended as a supplement to N. A. C. A. Reports Nos. 631 and 634 wherein methods are presented for the calculation of the normal-force distribution over plain and flapped airfoils, respectively, but not of the pressures on the individual surfaces. Base-profile pressure-coefficient distributions for the usual N.A.C.A. family of airfoils, which are also suitable for several other commonly employed airfoils, are included in tabular form. With these tabulated base-profile pressures and the computed normal-force distributions, pressure distributions adequate for most engineering purpose can be obtained.

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