Pressure-distribution measurements on a rectangular wing with a partial-span split flap in curved flight

Rokus, Frank G (Daniel Guggenheim Airship Institute)
December 1939

Pressure-distribution tests were made on the 32-foot whirling arm of the Daniel Guggenheim Airship Institute of a rectangular wing of NACA 23012 section to determine the rolling and the yawing moment due to angular velocity in yaw. The model was tested at 0 and 5 degree pitch; 0, +/- 5, and +/- 10 degrees yaw; and with no flap and with split flaps 25, 50 and 75 percent of the wing span and deflected 60 degrees. The results are given in the form of span load distributions and as calculated moment coefficients. The experimental values of rolling- and yawing-moment coefficients were in fairly close agreement with theory.

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