Observations in flight of the region of stalled flow over the blades of an autogiro rotor

Bailey, F J , Jr Gustafon, F B
December 1939

The flow over the inner halves of the rotor blades on a Kellet YG-1B autogiro was investigated in flight by making camera records of the motion of silk streamers attached to the upper surfaces of the blades. These records were analyzed to determine the boundaries of the region within which the flow over the blade sections was stalled for various tip-speed ratios. For the sake of comparison, corresponding theoretical boundaries were obtained. Both the size of the stalled area and its rate of growth with increasing tip-speed ratio were found to be larger than the theory predicted, although experiment agreed with theory with regard to shape and general location of the stalled area. The stalled region may be an important factor in both the rotor lift-drag ratio and the blade flapping motion at the higher tip-speed ratios. The method of study used in this paper should be useful in further studies of the problem, including the reduction of the size of the region.

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