Pressure-distribution measurements on a tapered wing with a full-span split flap in curved flight

Troller, TH (Daniel Guggenheim Airship Institute, Akron, Ohio) Rokaus, F (Daniel Guggenheim Airship Institute, Akron, Ohio)

Pressure-distribution tests were made on the 32-foot whirling arm of the Daniel Guggenheim Airship Institute of a tapered wing to determine the rolling and yawing moments due to an angular velocity in yaw. The model was tested at 0 degree and 5 degrees pitch, -1 degree and 5 degree yaw, and with a full-span flap deflected 60 degrees. The results are given in the form of span load distributions and in calculated moment coefficients. The rolling-moment coefficients are in fairly close agreement with those derived by means of a simple approximate theory even for high deflection of the full-span flap.

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