Hydrodynamic and aerodynamic tests of models of floats for single-float seaplanes NACA models 41-D, 41-E, 61-A, 73, and 73-A

Parkinson, J B HOUSE R O
July 1938

Tests were made in the NACA tank and in the NACA 7 by 10 foot wind tunnel on two models of transverse step floats and three models of pointed step floats considered to be suitable for use with single float seaplanes. The object of the program was the reduction of water resistance and spray of single float seaplanes without reducing the angle of dead rise believed to be necessary for the satisfactory absorption of the shock loads. The results indicated that all the models have less resistance and spray than the model of the Mark V float and that the pointed step floats are somewhat superior to the transverse step floats in these respects. Models 41-D, 61-A, and 73 were tested by the general method over a wide range of loads and speeds. The results are presented in the form of curves and charts for use in design calculations.

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