Tests of N-85, N-86 and N-87 airfoil sections in the 11-inch high speed wind tunnel

Stack, John Lindsey, W F
September 1938

Three airfoils, the N-85, the N-86, and the N-87, were tested at the request of the Bureau of Aeronautics, Navy Department, to determine the suitability of these sections for use as propeller-blade sections. Further tests of the NACA 0009-64 airfoil were also made to measure the aerodynamic effect of thickening the trailing edge in accordance with current propeller practice. The N-86 and the N-87 airfoils appear to be nearly equivalent aerodynamically and both are superior to the N-85 airfoil. Comparison of those airfoils with the previously developed NACA 2409-34 airfoils indicate that the NACA 2409-34 is superior, particularly at high speeds. Thickening the trailing edge appears to have a detrimental effect, although the effect may be small if the trailing-edge radius is less than 0.5 percent of the cord. The N-86 and the N-87 airfoils appear to be nearly equivalent.

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