The effects of partial-span plain flaps on the aerodynamic characteristics of a rectangular and a tapered Clark Y wing

House, R O
September 1938

An investigation was made to determine the aerodynamic characteristics of tapered and rectangular wings with partial-span plain flaps. Two Clark Y airfoils equipped with center section and with tip-section flaps were tested. The results showed that the aerodynamic characteristics of partial-span plain flaps were, in general, similar to those of split flaps of the same span, but that the lift and the drag were less for the wing with plain flaps than for the wing with split flaps of comparable size. For the rectangular wing with center-section plain flaps, the maximum lift and the lift-drag ratio at maximum lift were greater and the drag at maximum lift was less than for the wing with tip-section plain flaps of the same size. The maximum lift of the tapered wing varied in the same manner as that of the rectangular wing but the drag and the lift-drag-ratio relationship were opposite.

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