Wind-tunnel investigation of rectangular and tapered NACA 23012 wings with plain ailerons and full-span split flaps

Wenzinger, Carl J Ames, Milton B , Jr
August 1938

An investigation was made to determine the aerodynamic properties of rectangular and tapered NACA 23012 wings with plain ailerons and a full-span split flap, the flap retracting ahead of the ailerons. Measurements were made of lift and drag and of pitching, rolling, yawing, and hinge moments for all conditions of full-span flaps neutral and deflected at different chord locations. The results of the tests showed that a 0.20c(sub w) full span split flap located at approximately the 0.75c(sub w) point gave higher lift coefficients than had previously been obtained with a conventional 0.20c(sub w) partial-span split flap of a length to permit satisfactory control with plain ailerons. Still higher lifts were obtained if the full-span flap, when deflected, was moved back to the aileron axis. Moving the flap back to the aileron, in general, improved the aileron characteristics over those with the flap retracted. The most promising arrangement of full-span split flap and plain aileron combination tested, both for high lift and lateral control, was the rectangular wing with 0.20c(sub w) deflected 60 degrees at the 0.90c(sub w) location with 0.10c(sub w) semispan ailerons.

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