Wind-tunnel of three lateral-control devices in combination with a full-span slotted flap on an NACA 23012 airfoil

Wenzinger, Carl J Bamber, Millard J
August 1938

A large-chord NACA 23012 airfoil was tested. The airfoil extended completely across the test section, and two-dimensional flow was approximated. The model was fitted with a full-span slotted flap having a chord 25.66 percent of the airfoil chord. The ailerons investigated extended over the entire span and each had a chord 10 percent of the airfoil chord. The types of ailerons tested were: retractable ailerons, slot-lip ailerons using the lip of the slot for ailerons, and plain ailerons on the trailing edge of the slotted flap. The data are presented in the form of curves of section lift, drag, and pitching-moment coefficients for the airfoil with flap deflected but with ailerons neutral, and of rolling-moment, yawing-moment, and hinge-moment coefficients calculated for a rectangular wing of aspect ratio 6 with a semi-span aileron and a full-span flap. For the ailerons investigated the data indicate that, from considerations of rolling and yawing moments produced and of stick forces desired, the retractable aileron is the most satisfactory means of lateral control for use with a full-span slotted flap.

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