The negative thrust and torque of several full-scale propellers and their application to various flight problems

Hartman, Edwin P Biermann, David

Negative thrust and torque data for 2, 3, and 4-blade metal propellers having Clark y and R.A.F. 6 airfoil sections were obtained from tests in the NACA 20-foot tunnel. The propellers were mounted in front of a radial engine nacelle and the blade-angle settings covered in the tests ranged from l5 degrees to 90 degrees. One propeller was also tested at blade-angle settings of 0 degree, 5 degrees, and 10 degrees. A considerable portion of the report deals with the various applications of the negative thrust and torque to flight problems. A controllable propeller is shown to have a number of interesting, and perhaps valuable, uses within the negative thrust and torque range of operation. A small amount of engine-friction data is included to facilitate the application of the propeller data.

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