Pressure-distribution measurements at large angles of pitch on fins of different span-chord ratio on a 1/40-scale model of the U. S. Airship "Akron."

Mchugh, James G

Report presents the results of pressure-distribution measurements on a 1/40-scale model of the U. S. Airship "Akron" conducted in the NACA 20-foot wind tunnel. The measurements were made on the starboard fin of each of four sets of horizontal tail surfaces, all of approximately the same area but differing in span-chord ratio, for five angles of pitch varying from 11.6 degrees to 34 degrees, for four elevator angles, and at air speeds ranging from 56 to 77 miles per hour. Pressures were also measured at 13 stations along the rear half of the port side of the hull at one elevator setting for the same five angles of pitch and at an air speed of approximately 91 miles per hour. The normal force on the fin and the moment of forces about the fin root were determined. The results indicate that, ignoring the effect on drag, it would be advantageous from structural considerations to use a fin of lower span-chord ratio than that used on the "Akron."

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