Tests of a wing-nacelle-propeller combination at several pitch settings up to 42 degrees

Windler, Ray

This report presents the results of tests of a 4-foot model of Navy propeller No. 4412 in conjunction with an NACA cowled nacelle mounted ahead of a thick wing in the 20-foot propeller-research tunnel. A range of propeller pitches from 17 degrees to 42 degrees at 0.75r was covered, and for this propeller the efficiency reached a maximum at a pitch setting of 27 degrees; at high pitches the efficiencies were slightly lower. The corrected propulsive efficiency is shown to be independent of the angle of attack for the high-speed and the climbing ranges of flight. A working chart is presented for the selection of similar propellers over a wide range of airplane speed, engine power, and propeller revolution.

An Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file of the entire report: