Wind-tunnel investigation of ordinary and split flaps on airfoils of different profile

Wenzinger, Carl J

Report presents the results of wind tunnel tests of the Clark Y, the NACA 23012 and the NACA 23021 airfoils equipped with full-span ordinary flaps and with full-span simple split flaps. The principal object of the tests was to determine the characteristics of the airfoils with ordinary flaps and in addition, to determine the relative merits of the various airfoils when equipped with either ordinary flaps or with simple split flaps. The Clark Y airfoil was tested with 3 widths of ordinary flap, 10, 20, and 30 percent of the airfoil chord. The optimum width of the ordinary and the simple split flap based on the maximum lift attained with the Clark Y airfoil was then tested on each of the other two airfoils.

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