Wind-tunnel interference with particular reference to off-center positions of the wing and to the downwash at the tail

Silverstein, Abe White, James A

The theory of wind tunnel boundary influence on the downwash from a wing has been extended to provide more complete corrections for application to airplane test data. The first section of the report gives the corrections of the lifting line for wing positions above or below the tunnel center line; the second section shows the manner in which the induced boundary influence changes with distance aft of the lifting line. Values of the boundary corrections are given for off-center positions of the wing in circular, square, 2:1 rectangular, and 2:1 elliptical tunnels. Aft of the wing the corrections are presented for only the square and the 2:1 rectangular tunnels, but it is believed that these may be applied to jets of circular and 2:1 elliptical cross sections. In all cases results are included for both open and closed tunnels.

An Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file of the entire report: